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Teamwork can make or break your company, its competitive advantage and bottom line. A well-performing team can achieve goals in record time. Yet a poor performing team can impede your growth.

The thing is – mismatched skills, abilities, and resources – can bog down your company or organizational performance. Plus, misaligned goals and priorities, lack of trust and poor communication are a recipe for failure.

If you are not aware of the problems inherent in your group “team performance,” then you’ll be limited in the potential team outcome you can achieve.
Hidden Performance Problems Revealed With a Simple
"Teamwork Diagnostic"
Today’s business teams face greater challenges than the teams of the past. They’re far more diverse and dispersed throughout multiple locations and work environments.

Team success hinges on a core set of “teamwork” fundamentals.

Your challenge today is to identify the hidden source of team performance weaknesses and problems.

iTEAM’s diagnostic identifies which core areas your business team may be deficient in and those you need to improve. Plus, we test for things in the work environment that can impact team performance.

The 6 core “team worker traits” tested include trust, common goals, communication, accountability, chemistry and commitment.

The test results reveal your team performance score.

So, you can best build your team and motivate them to peak performance to achieve extraordinary results.

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