This Unique Career Opportunity Can
Provide You With Increased Income...
A Few Motivated Coaches to
Train Employees on
Executing Teamwork to Help
Gain Competitive Advantage
You'll Help Train & Motivate Employee Teams
On Various Teamwork Skills Developed By a Team of Training & Coaching Experts Including a
Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker & Author of
Over One Dozen Books and Courses
Here's your opportunity for greater career success, increased income and a potential steady pipeline of new business.

This opportunity is for business coaches who love to train clients, especially teams of employees who want to become peak performers that achieve extraordinary results.

iTeam Consulting Group specializes in helping companies and organizations improve their team performance.

Our mission is focused on empowering teams of corporate employees to work together in a way that enables them to achieve goals that others may see as impossible to reach.

For over twenty years, we've worked with many small, medium and large sized businesses from numerous industries. These companies include 
State Farm Insurance, Hilton Worldwide, Wells Fargo Bank, UPS Store, Fidelity Investments, Molly Maid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GNC, Jersey Mikes Subs and much more.

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Discover the 6 Traits of
High Performing Teams
In sports, there are coaches and players. The thing is, no coach on any winning team has ever scored the winning play. The players do that.

Coaches on the other hand are the secret part of building a championship team. Coaches develop the game plan and strategy and motivate their players to execute these to win each game and earn a championship.

The same is true in business.

A big difference is most companies do not have coaches that specialize in teamwork. That's why so many companies fail to achieve their goals. Their employees do not properly execute team performance.

That's where iTeam comes in. We provide the coaching to help companies build cohesive teams of employees who together learn the teamwork skills to achieve extraordinary goals.

In order to fulfill the demand among clients,
we seek to hire and train business coaches who have both the intellect and passion to become experts in training our client's team of employees how to execute the proprietary program we developed.

As part of our commitment to clients, we also seek to train select employees to master the iTeam program so they can present it to their team. This is an ideal opportunity if you are a human resource manager. We train you on becoming an iTeam coach, and you get the opportunity to lead the way to improve teamwork in your company or organization.

This is a unique opportunity to help you advance your coaching career to the next level.

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