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Training & Coaching to Build High-Performance Teams

You can’t build a team without a blueprint.

iTEAM is a practical approach to planning, building, and managing high-performance teams that are efficient, self-sufficient, innovative and become a powerhouse when working together for common goals.

iTEAM is for Professional Leaders

Your #1 job as a business leader is to drive revenue and productivity.

And your #1 tool to drive production is to build a high-performing team. While everyone else in the marketplace is focusing on leadership, we’ve got a different take:

Smart companies focus on TEAMWORK.

iTEAM is a proven methodology on how to build, fix or improve any team.


1. Culture / Core Values

This is the basis of any organization. iTeam trains with the idea that core values aren’t simply recitations for a feel-good meeting opener… they’re words to live by.

3. Define Your Team

Every team is different and every team needs different tools and resources to reach their greatest potential. Our iTEAM assessment helps you understand each team member’s personality on a deeper level.

5. Team Analysis

Where’s the Gap? Is your team balanced and ready to move on to projects? Once you’ve identified your team member’s ideal roles, you’ll no doubt find gaps as well. What are those gaps? Who is the best choice to step into those roles?

2. Traits of Teams

You can’t take a step forward without first analyzing your current stage of “teamwork”. Your team’s traits become the DNA – the very fiber of your company’s growth.

4. Take Inventory

Knowing you & your team’s strengths is the secret key to unlocking your team’s ultimate success. You’ll receive training to understand how to respect and value your team and shift people into their perfect-fit role in each project.

6. Deploy

You’ve defined your needs, analyzed your inventory, and are ready to put your iTeam into action. You’re ready!  iTEAM training & resources set your team up for success by creating an efficient, tight-knit and capable team.

Looking to get an entire team of leaders iTEAM certified?

iTEAM is increasing leaders’ confidence and value simultaneously. Available to individual business leaders or as a group training experience.

It begins with a simple assessment.

As a leader, you know exactly what your best skills are.

Or do you? Our WorkExpressions quiz is for individual team members to learn exactly what role they can play in each team, while also honoring their natural personalities.

Ready to take the assessment yourself?
Click the button below and enter your free assessment code.

If you don’t have a free assessment code, you can book a free consultation with a team member to see how iTEAM is developing enviable and efficient teams.


What We Believe

You can’t build anything without a blueprint.
Your #1 job as a business leader is to drive revenue and productivity.  And your #1 tool to drive production is to build a high performing team.  Everyone is telling you to focus on Leadership! Leadership! Leadership!

You better shift quickly like smart companies and focus on
Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!

What Do We Do?

We empower leaders like you with our proprietary iTEAM blueprint for building high performing teams. Based on our research most successful organizations got lucky with the right mix of people. We have seen successful organizations lose one person and the team falls apart.

Why? Success is a team sport!

There is too much at stake for you to rely on luck or to be too dependent on one person.
You MUST have a framework to build your team.

Who Are

We are a consulting firm comprised of seasoned business experts, Psychologist, curriculum designers and trainers that specialize in equipping leaders and their leadership teams with a framework for team-building, teamwork, collaboration and improving overall team cohesion and chemistry.

We are on a mission to help you build the perfect high performing team.

How Do We Do It?

We coach leaders and consult organizations using our proprietary iTEAM framework as the foundation for teamwork. Our iTEAM framework allows you to first understand how you are gifted innately by discovering your work expressions first, then understanding each of your teammates work expressions.

How can a leader build a team if they don’t understand their own business skillset?

Once you get command of you, you are now empowered to take control of your team and better understand and appreciate your teammates. You will learn how to; better position your talent, create balance on your leadership team, build stronger departments, divisions and sub groups for short term projects.

Finally you will learn how to build, fix and repair broken or under-performing teams.

Most importantly you will get an “ah ha” as to why so many leaders make a bad hire and avoid bad fits.

How Are We Unique?

We approach teamwork totally different than any other firm. We know that personality is important and has tremendous value but our concept takes a deeper dive into what team chemistry is built on.

We have identified 5 works expressions based on your professional’s innate abilities.

Bond says, “Before we created iTEAM everyone was using DISC & Myers Briggs as a tool to understand people and personalities, valuable but to develop chemistry in the NBA and at work your personality is secondary. To me understanding how my teammates expressed themselves through their work and contributed to the team is most important.”

Learn the iTEAM Process

Your journey with iTEAM starts with learning the process from exclusive online resources and your dedicated trainer.

Gain access to the step-by-step process that’s tried & true and leads your team to repeatable and consistent victories. You’ll also be paired with one of our top-notch coaches to ensure you’re learning and gaining the tools you need.

Train & Develop with Us Right from Your Desk

Connect with your trainer and the online resources from anywhere in the world.

Business is all too often busy-ness. You’ll be guided on your development journey with all the ‘good stuff’ and without any fluff. By focusing on exact strategic and purposeful steps, you’ll be learning every single minute you’re focused on your iTEAM training.

Understand your team members & their WorkExpressions on a deeper level…

There is no greater feeling than that of success.

Your training, learning and hard work will pay off by developing your leadership and teamwork skills at an elite level. You’ll understand your team members and their personalities on a deeper level while simultaneously creating a team environment that EVERYONE wants to be a part of. And what happens when those things fall into place?



The iTEAM blueprint allowed me to step more powerfully into the role of ‘Fearless Leader’.

For years, I knew I was a “good” leader. I promoted, my teams hit their goals… I was doing “well”. But I knew there was something out there that would propel myself and my teams drive, efficiency, and process to the next level of success. iTEAM has helped me become a GREAT leader that inspires and empowers AMAZING team members.

Lorena Davis, Current Client


Who is iTEAM Training and Coaching for? 

iTEAM is for team leaders who are ready to break through their glass ceiling of previous success and inspire, motivate, and empower their teams to reach unprecedented levels of success.

How will a team function differently after engaging in iTEAM?

When teams utilize the iTEAM blueprint to structure their teams & create project goals, they see an increase in efficiency and production. iTEAM training addresses your team gaps and trains accordingly.

Is iTEAM training solely for teams?

Yes. iTEAM is a team training service that utilizes the WorkExpressions Assessment of individual team members as its foundation. In short, we take into account each team member’s WorkExpressions results, the given results, the business and team needs, and we train accordingly.

Is iTEAM Training available to the general public?

No. iTEAM is reserved and access is granted solely to teams that have met with our team and are primed to see exponential results. A consultation & assessment is required prior to access.

Is Membership by team only? or Enterprise?

iTeam training can be purchased on a team- or enterprise basis. Contact us for further details.

Ready to get started?

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