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Make Teamwork Your Greatest Strength

Want to dramatically improve communication, chemistry, and accountability on your team in just weeks? Find out if iTeam is right for you with our free assessment.

We put the “i” back in


Take a unique approach to recruiting, developing, and re-training every team member for high-performance simultaneously.

While almost every other team training program is based on personality tests, iTEAM’s three-step, assessment-led training program is built around a more reliable pathway to success – empowering management to maximize each team member’s potential according to their work style.


“Your sessions are making a difference”

Team Member

Provident State Bank

“I think the big thing for me is awareness and understanding. I have a better appreciation of the roles different work expressions play in the overall process so I am more open to those expressions. I also realize I need to embrace my inner ‘instigator’ and use it for good!”

Team Member

Wild Birds Unlimited

“The WorkExpressions Assessment is a great tool for managers and administrators to use with their teams. As an Executive Director of a non-profit organization, I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with many people. Each person brings his or her own unique WorkExpression style to the organization, and a tool like the WorkExpression Assessment allows me to build my teams to the highest level using a combination of WorkExpression styles I customize for the project and situation.”

Executive Director


Three Steps To A High-Performing Team

iTeam uses a patented 12 module course delivered in a virtual setting, science-based assessments, and actionable and executable coach-led training for managers to help teams unlock their true potential.

Step 1:

Core Values and Culture

In business, winning teams are built on crystal-clear purpose and strong core values. Yet, workers in many organizations struggle to answer essential questions like: “Who are we as a team?” and “What do we really stand for?”

Get your managers and employees reconnected and recommitted to the “why” of their jobs, laying the foundation for high-performance.

Step 2:

The Six Traits of High-Performing Teams

What’s the difference between average companies and top-tier organizations? Research shows it boils down to six simple aspects of company culture. In Phase II, we evaluate management staff and employees against the six traits of top performers:

  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Chemistry
  • Common Goals
  • Committment
  • Trust

Find out how your team scores in real-time, and with the help of our expert trainers, start developing your roadmap to a culture of success.

Step 3:

Work Expression Discovery

Maximize each individual’s contribution to the team’s success with Work Expression Discovery. Work Expression is the only training program made to help management and employees alike understand their member’s work styles and start bridging the gap to a more self-aware, synchronized team. Discover the five key work expressions at the root of each professional’s innate abilities, and learn your role as either an Innovator, Initiator, Improver, Instigator, or Implementer.